Hormoz Berkeh Tanks
Water anti-algae reservoirs are used in particular as a storage tank for drinking water and water storage for a fire suppression system. Plastic tanks can be made of different materials, the most common of which are PE. Other materials used to make PP, PVC and PVDF water tanks. Water tanks are usually made using PE (polyethylene) because of lightweight materials resistant to chemical activity of materials. We provide all the shapes and sizes of polyethylene tanks and we increase ourselves to meet the needs of your product.

Plastic tanks are used for a wide range of storage and transportation applications. For example, the agricultural industry uses polymer reservoirs to aid irrigation and fertilization systems. The petrochemical industry uses them to transport and store oil and gas. Other industries that use water tankers include the gas and oil industry, agriculture, water, chemistry, food and beverage, recycling, industrial washing, and electroplating.