Hormozberkeh company was established in 2006 in Bandar Abbas industrial town No.3 with the ai of respecting the consumer of the production of polymer products,mold making lines, in accordance withe safety and environmental laws.it has implemented many projects by using its expert staff and hardworking personnel .to meet the needs of its customerd in the desired fields.in order to develop the widest production line of this company, in 2014, it operated site number 2 in Evaz industrial town of Fars province. one of the main fields of activity of this company is the production of three-layer anti-algae water tanks, road barriers,fishing tubs.in 2015 as the first producer of furniture and polyethylene vases,it succeeded in operating in the field of decoration and Greenbelt.in 2016 ,in prder to distribute widely across the country, it established its site number 3 in the city of Shiraz , a larg industrial town.Hormoz berkeh polymer company in 2019 with efforts and relying on research and development in the production of marine equipment made of polyethylene ,succeeded in receiving a knowledge-based license fromr the vice-chancellor of science and technology of of the Islamic republic of iran