Polythene is one of the most important plastics in the world. It reaches its melting point to a liquid state and reaches the freezing point to solid state. Polyethylene is a chemical synthesis of ethylene, which usually comes from the combination of crude oil and natural gas. Some of its unofficial names are polythene or polyethylyne, in addition to the term PE. Polyethylene is often used to make plastic compounds to be used purely.

HBC-9055U is a Linear Low Density Polyethylene Resin (LLDPE) in powder form, additivated with UV stabilizers. It is suitable for Rotational Molding applications. Items of this grade have a very good balance between mechanical properties and ESCR resistance. HBC-9055U is produced in natural and white color. The most important features of this polymer can be non toxicity and use in the food industry. in the manufacture of milk containers and other liquids and types Plastic kitchen utensils, gallon and dowels, production of tanks and plastic tankers for irrigation and watering pumps.